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Jr. Beta Club

Academic Achievement - Character  Leadership - Service

Program Advisors
Lasaundra Blakley,
Carrie Brewer,
Latosha Mackins,
Cindy Roller,

The Jr. Beta Club is a non-profit organization that promotes academic achievement, character, leadership, and service among elementary and secondary school students in the United States. It was established in 1934 and has grown to become the largest independent, non-profit, youth organization in America. 

The key objectives of the Jr. Beta Club are:  
1. To encourage effort, reward merit, and inspire students to continue their education after high school. 
2. To promote leadership skills, provide service opportunities, and instill principles of patriotism.
3. To foster academic achievement, moral character, and civic engagement among its members.

The Jr. Beta Club is open to students in grades 4-8 who meet the eligibility requirements set by their local school club. These typically include maintaining a certain grade point average and demonstrating commendable behavior and character. 

Members participate in various service learning activities, academic competitions, leadership development programs, and other enrichment opportunities through their local club chapters. The organization also offers scholarships and awards to recognize outstanding members. 

Opportunities for Members

  • Impact your local community through your clubs activities
  • Connect with other Betas in your state at State Convention
  • Get to know the National Beta community at the National Convention
  • Expand Leadership Skills with Leadership Summits
  • Enhance your future with National Beta Scholarship

8th Grade students attend a Career Fair at Southwest Illinois College

Parental Engagement

  • Stay Informed - We encourage parents and guardians to familiarize themselves with the National Beta Club's mission, objectives, and activities.
  • Encourage Membership

  • Volunteer as a Chaperone

  • Assist with Fundraising

  • Provide Transportation

  • Share Professional Expertise

  • Attend Meetings and Events

  • Support Community Service Projects

  • Advocate for National Beta

  • Stay Connected

The 29th Annual Elementary/Junior Beta Convention
Springfield, Illinois

The competition is designed to allow students to gain public speaking experience and increase confidence. 

Requirements included submitting a typed bibliography with name/ID/grade, even if no sources are cited. Speeches were 1-2 minutes long on the junior topic "Navigating my Future with Beta". There were penalties for going under 1 minute or over 2 minutes. Only one entry was permitted per club. Students were also required to dress in business attire and could not use props or costumes. 

The educational connections include creativity, critical thinking, oral communication, persuasive presentation, and information/media literacy skills.

WYSOE 8th Grade student brings home First Place in the Jr. Beta Club Speech Competition at this year's Illinois State Beta Club Convention. His speech "My Beta Future" provided a topic that was well-organized, well-presented, and maintained the attention of the audience.