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Guiding Coalition

The main purpose of a guiding coalition is to provide strong leadership, vision, and support for the change effort. This group is responsible for:

  1. Developing a clear and compelling vision for the change initiative.
  2. Creating a sense of urgency and communicating the need for change.
  3. Removing obstacles and overcoming resistance to change.
  4. Modeling the desired behaviors and practices.
  5. Coordinating and aligning various activities and resources.
  6. Monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments.
  7. Sustaining the change effort over time.

A successful guiding coalition should have a diverse set of skills, expertise, and perspectives, as well as the credibility and influence to rally others around the change initiative. Effective communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making are crucial for the coalition to function effectively and drive the desired changes within the school or district.

WYSOE Guiding Coalition Members

Carmalita Neely, Team Leader *not pictured
Lesaundra Blakley, Team Leader *not pictured
Kim Jones-Riley, Principal
Katina Griffin, Assistant Principal
Lawrence Rainey, Assistant Principal
Tira Brockman-Cherry, Dean of Students
Zandra Joshua, First Grade
Joy Rogers, Second Grade
Betha Stewart, Third Grade *not pictured
Bianca Young, Fourth Grade
Carrie Brewer, Fifth Grade 
Katrina Dunlap, Encore
Vernett St. Clair, Academic Interventionist