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The Panther Library at the Wyvetter Younge School of Excellence caters to students from kindergarten to eighth grade under the guidance of librarian Ms. Lanton. Throughout the year, it organizes various events, including parent meetings, guest speakers, and captivating reading activities, fostering an enriching learning environment for all.

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Wyvetter Younge School of Excellence Speaker Series

St. Clair County States’ Attorney Speaker Series visited Wyvetter Younge. The speakers were impactful and our Panthers showed excellence by being attentive and asking insightful questions!

Wyvetter Younge Speaker Series
Wyvetter Younge Speaker
Wyvetter Younge Speaker Series

Parent involvement during monthly meetings.

Wyvetter Younge Parent Engagement Activity

Book Book Go

Book Book Go makes a visit the School of Excellence!

Book Book Go makes a visit to the school

Students are actively participating in an online reading activity that incorporates technology.

Wyvetter Younge students actively engaged in a lesson in the library that uses technology.